Our employment practice is centred on helping employees to be treated fairly at work. 


Our team has excellent knowledge of the law and so the help we offer you can range from simple, practical advice to tribunal representation and further litigation.

We listen to our clients and, from the outset, offer realistic advice on the costs and benefits of pursuing a case.

Employment law can be complex but we make the process accessible by providing high quality advice which is clear, honest and tailored to your specific needs.

We’re confident that we can find a creative, holistic solution for your situation.



Contract issues
Unlawful deduction of wages, holiday pay issues, employee team moves/TUPE, breach of contract, national minimum wage.

Equality and dignity at work
Discrimination: race, sex, age, sexual orientation, religious
and maternity. Harassment, bullying and equal pay disputes.

End of work
Termination of employment, wrongful dismissal, unfair
dismissal, constructive dismissal, compromise/settlement agreements and redundancy.

Workers’ rights
Maternity and paternity rights, part-time, agency and temporary workers and workers on fixed term contracts, flexible working arrangements, state and diplomatic immunity and whistleblowing. 

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